Thursday, November 18, 2010


Some people are truly put on this earth to make life miserable for others.  This, I truly believe.  I have people like this in my life; I will call them the DarkSide.  The individuals from the DarkSide have said some things that are truly hurtful.  Compared what they have said in the past this may seem extremely minor, but still it's just another reason you shouldn't have to like, or pretend to like people - even if they are related some how to you.

The latest offering from the DarkSide comes in relation to my little guy's Christmas list.  Yes, the list is large, but his birthday is in April and I figured that rather than create a whole new list in a few short months it would be easier to edit this one as his tastes change.  But I digress, that is not the issue that led to the snide comments.  The issue that was taken was with two items on the list, both motorcycles.  Yes, I know my little guy is too small for the bigger of the two and it really was more of a joke given that someone from the HappySide of the family has a Ducati motorcycle. 

Instead of looking at the fact that there are items for as little as $5 on the list, that is has everything from crayons to CDs to books to new bedding on the list, or that you spent twice as much on other children as directly related to you - you choose to offer snide comments about the fact that I have a $330 motorcycle on the list?!?!?!  I don't like you.  You irritate me.  You have never once come to see my son since he's been home from the NICU.  You didn't share his first Christmas or first birthday - you did with the other children, but not my son.

And don't even get me started on how anything that comes out of your mouth is a criticism.  Instead of supporting me in creating a charity in memory of my son, you offer unwanted and unsolicited opinions.  Have you given so much as $1 to help?  NO!  You are an awful person, you come from an awful person and I truly hope karma puts you and those like you in your place.  Oh, and I hop karma whispers my name when it happens so you know I was thinking about you.

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